What started as a conversation over a beer (where all good ideas come), a general ranting about the love for Hyderabad quickly became a real venture to flesh out the city’s true potential for being the coolest. So when we think of putting you on the map, we are also thinking of globalizing Hyderabad in the world of creative business communication, by truly knowing its pulse.

We are all about tailor-made outreach strategies in the ever-evolving field of creative marketing, with a promise of impact, recall and retention for your brand. Engaging content, innovative communications, insight-led strategies – you name it. We got you covered for everything, because you know you’re not one of the sheep.


Innovative public relations and marketing strategies – for brand perception, building and promotion – through strategic media campaigns, using the current tools in digital marketing and social media… We could talk to you like this or actually do what you want to do to mark the presence of your brand – build a voice for it with which you can shout from the top of the metaphorical building.


With a single goal of redefining the idea of public relations to make it more relatable (the irony is not lost on us), Black Sheep is a boutique Public Relations agency. Right from the baby’s first steps till being sent off to college, we’re the brand custodians that you’ve always wanted on your side. Meet us:


Coming from a diverse advertising background, this adventurous ex-Edelwoman has worked with renowned consumer brands like The Taj Hotels & Palaces, Pepsi, Lakme Fashion Week and others. Warning: She will channel her OCD into anything including your brand, and you may fall for her wit before her ideas.